Technologies used:
We use Building Information Modeling (BIM) as a core of any design solution made my Mastermind. BIM means, that every single element of a building has its own parameters. And by working with these parameters, we connect elements to each other, adjust them, and connect BIM-model to different engineering calculations software tools. Thus, to get more valuable data, and to improve building's cost & quality.
Parametric Design
Nowadays architects and engineers adjust any of millions elements of your future building by moving computer mouses. It takes time, money, and leaves a room for mistakes. Parametric design allows to change any element of the building by changing some of its 1,000+ parameters, using computer software. Either or change geometry or any other parameters. Designer then needs to put his goals, to check the results, and maybe to add some minor adjustments. That's it.
Generative Design
A revolutionary design approach that allows smart algorithms to create hundreds of building options basing on your goals and constraints. Using generative design, our team aims to make the design process better. And moreover - to improve quality and cost of the whole life cycle of the building, including construction and facility management stages.
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